Ansuya Bellydance Certification by Private or Shared Bellyskype

Ansuya Bellydance Certification By Bellyskype

In this course, Ansuya shares her secrets for creating an ever evolving, eclectic, sensually empowered, personal Bellydance style with a strong technical base in American Cabaret Technique and Improvisation Concepts, with an added extensive array of Fusion Technique and Combos, and topped off with a multitude of Prop Techniques and Combos!

Now expanded to 15 classes!

Classes Cover:
1. Fast improvisation / Posture/ Musical Interpretation
2. Slow improvisation / Transitions / Dance Line / Emotional Expression / The Equation / Facial Expression
3. Veil Improvisation/ Veil Tricks
4. Drum Solo Improvisation
5. Basic Finger Cymbals/ Finger Cymbal Improvisation
6. Floorwork/ Style Shifting/ Suggested Make Up and Costuming Tutorials
7. Indian Bellydance Fusion/ Spanish Bellydance Fusion
8. African Bellydance Fusion/ Zar Bellydance Fusion
9. Tribal Bellydance Fusion/ Hip Hop Bellydance Fusion
10. Burlesque Bellydance Fusion/ Gypsy Bellydance Fusion (including Sensual Goddess Empowerment)
11. Egyptian Bellydance Fusion / Golden Era Fusion
12. Dancing with Candles/ Pharonic Fusion
13. Dancing with Cane
14. Dancing with Sword/ Dancing with Wings
15 Dancing with Fans / Fan Veils

Certificate Achieved

“Ansuya Bellydance Certified”


$100 per one hour class (paid by the class) (15 hour minimum)
Classes generally meet one hour once a week for an agreed upon span of weeks, but these classes do not have to be on a consecutive weekly basis, as long as schedule is agreed on before hand. Classes can also meet more than once a week.

Bellyskype Buddy Discount to Save 50%

You can choose to share your class time and cost with one buddy to save 50%! Your buddy can attend the classes with you from your house, or be added to the video call from their house! Looking to be paired with a buddy? Email to be matched with a Bellyskype Buddy!



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