Become a Bellyskype Workshop Sponsor

Become a Bellyskype Workshop Sponsor

Sponsoring a live online Bellydance workshop by Bellyskype can be a low risk, beneficial, fun and easy way to bring your favorite dance star to your city with lots of room for profit and without encountering any of the high financial risks or other pitfalls of bringing an artist in by travel.


Avoid artist’s high travel costs. Take advantage of lower artist’s fees.


Enjoy front and back visibility of instructor from all rows on large screen TV!
Take advantage of personal attention given to each student by instructor! Join additional online community socializing!


Rent a studio with high speed Internet.
Rent a large screen TV on a tall stand.
Connect your computer to TV with one simple cord.
Point your computer’s built in camera or webcam toward students.
Get a free Skype account.
Log in to your Skype account 10 minutes before event time.
At event time an icon will pop up and you will hear a ring.
Press answer and Ansuya will appear! 

Full of Content

Ansuya will teach a four hour workshop that includes a break. 
Request a list of workshop topics to choose from!
Ansuya will also perform!
Students can request on camera feedback from Ansuya during the workshop!
A Q&A will be included during which time Ansuya can interact with students and socialize! 

Test Set Up

A short 15 minute test can be arranged on a day before the event to ensure that you are comfortable and can run this fun and easy event with ease! 

Back Up Date

In the rare case of Internet failure, a back up date should be provided so students can have a second chance to enjoy the event. Refunds will be granted only in the case of two failed events. 

Locals Only

This event should be sold to local clientele only as students who fly in or drive long distances will not necessarily be able to take advantage of a rescheduled event should that transpire.

Size of Workshop

20 students is suggested, but larger groups can be considered. Smaller Bellyskype Parties are also an option.

Low Fee

Ansuya’s fee for Bellyskype Workshops is just $600! This is a HUGE savings on her normal fees for worldwide travel! 

Suggested Pricing

20 students at $60 = $1200 minus Ansuya’s minimum guaranteed fee of $600 =  $600 profit to you (less expenses, if any).


All levels can be accommodated.



Ready to Book?

Email to secure a test date, event dates, and back up date!

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