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Welcome to Naples Bellydance, where you’ll find the most fun and friendly bellydance classes in Southwest Florida! Express your beauty and creativity with us in a warm, friendly environment where beginners are always welcome. Get fit, have fun, move to the music, and discover your inner dancer with Naples Bellydance! You’ll love it!

For thousands of years, bellydance has been a renowned art in cultures around the world. Women have found empowerment, confidence, and sisterhood as they learned to express their beauty, grace, and femininity through bellydancing. Today, you can experience the wonderful benefits of bellydance right here in Naples, Florida! You’ll be energized by the rhythms of the music and the movements; you’ll feel more fit and strong as you tone muscle and increase circulation and cardio; you’ll gain better balance, coordination, and a sense of serenity and flow; and you’ll feel the pure joy of dancing with a group of like-minded women who celebrate the positivity of bellydance! After all, life is better when you’re dancing!

Our bellydance classes are full of fun dancing skills and experiences:
– Hip and torso movements
– Fun footwork and choreography
– Flowing arm work and body isolations
– A variety of dance combinations
– Solo and group practice

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Check out what others are saying about Naples Bellydance classes! 


“Ansuya is an amazing teacher! I am having a wonderful time learning and making wonderful friendships along the way. I am definitely a beginner and Ansuya has a way of teaching all levels at one time, making us all feel like we are learning and growing as a dancer, performer, and woman! Oh and did I mention what an incredible performer she is? Wow, just wow!!!”

– Sherri Crowley, Naples Bellydance Student

“Ansuya is a fabulous teacher, and I love how everyone in class supports and encourages each other. I always leave in a better mood than I arrived!”
– Kara Scofield, Naples Bellydance Student

“Ansuya is the most amazing instructor in the Bellydance universe. Where else can you train with a superstar and have fun and learn the ancient art of Bellydance? Ansuya has empowered me in so many ways. Come and be a Goddess with all the wonderful dancers! Shimmies and sparkles!!”
– Carrie Robinson, Naples Bellydance Student

“I adore learning from the amazing Ansuya! She is a wonderful teacher who combines technique, choreography, history, and variety. Classes have become a sacred time of growth, bonding, and dancing with Goddess-sisters.”
– Cici Santiago, Naples Bellydance Student

“No question! Ansuya is THE BEST! Best Bellydance Teacher, Dancer, and, btw, comedienne extraordinaire! She is also as beautiful in the inside, as she is on the outside.”
– Karen Forberg, Naples Bellydance Student

12 commonly asked questions: 


  • Q: Are all body types welcome in Bellydance class? A: Yes! All body types are celebrated in the world of Bellydance! Health and happiness are the primary focus as we dance away stresses, celebrate ourselves as we are today, and let our fitness evolution be a side effect of our uplifted states of mind. Since healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes, Bellydancing is a great way to feel empowered, respected, and adored for your unique and feminine form!
  • Q: Can I keep my belly covered and still Bellydance? A: Yes! There is no pressure to wear revealing class attire or costuming. At the same time, you are always welcome to get creative with your class and costume wear and bare your belly in all its glory at any time!
  • Q: Can I wear comfortable clothes to class? A: Yes! We love a good sweatpants day as much as a creative dress up day! All students can dress up or dress down according to their mood on class day. The important thing is that your clothing is comfortable, allows you to move, and makes you feel happy as you dance!
  • Q: Can I dance barefoot? A: Yes! the art of Bellydance is traditionally practiced barefoot. You can also wear any dance or athletic shoe you like if you have need to support your feet.
  • Q: Are their dance supplies that go with Bellydancing? A: Yes! There are lots of fun props that you can use to add intrigue to your Bellydances. You can also choose to dance without props. A few basic items you may want along the way are a hip scarf, a veil, and a set of finger cymbals (these supplies are available at Bellydance.com)
  • Q: Can I bring water to class? A: Yes! Staying hydrated as you dance is healthy and encouraged!
  • Q: Can I bring a mat to class? A: Yes! Occasionally we do some stretches or dance moves that are on the floor. For these moments, you may want to use a mat for added comfort. Although not required, feel free to bring a mat to class!
  • Q: Can I perform in a show? A: Yes! At Naples Bellydance we have show parties every few months. These shows are your opportunity to share your skills and progress with your friends and family. These private parties are for the invited guests of students and staff only, so there is no public performance pressure. Performing in these shows is completely optional. You can also just come and watch and be a part of the fun as an observer! It’s a great chance to see pretty costumes, enjoy a beautifully decorated international set design, hear music from far off lands, learn about other cultures, have some refreshments, and socialize!
  • Q: Are all ages welcome to Bellydance? A: Yes! Bellydance is for all ages! Minors are welcome to come if accompanied by an adult.
  • Q: Are all levels welcome at the classes? A: Yes! You can come to the classes with no prior dance experience! All moves are broken down in easy to follow patterns, questions are welcome, and everyone in class supports each other’s learning process with warmth and encouragement!
  • Q: Can I take notes? A: Yes! You can bring a notebook and pen and jot down anything you may want to remember at any time!
  • Q: Can I take a break during class? A: Yes! You are encouraged to take class at your own pace. You can stop to rest, grab water, and/ or use the restroom at anytime.

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Call 239-273-2167 and Ansuya will help you!

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Fridays 7PM – Mixed Level
Naples Bellydance at Allstar Dance Studio
4910 Tamiami Trail N. Naples, FL 34103

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Naples Bellydance with Ansuya

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