Personal Coaching by Bellyskype

Personal Coaching By Bellyskype

Personal coaching with Ansuya in any aspect, style, and subject of Bellydance is available to you! Enjoy Technique, Combos, Choreography, Personal Style Creation, and Business Tips! Or, practice performing live for Ansuya for her feedback and advice! Even hire Ansuya to Create Choreography especially for you!


$100 per one hour class (paid by the class)
Classes generally meet one hour once a week for an agreed upon span of weeks, but can also be booked as single classes.

Bellyskype Buddy Discount to Save 50%

You can choose to share your class time and cost with one buddy to save 50%! Your buddy can attend the classes with you from your house, or be added to the video call from their house! Looking to be paired with a buddy? Email to be matched with a Bellyskype Buddy!



Ready to Book?

Email and Ansuya will respond to you with scheduling options, payment procedure, and helpful tech tips!

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