Skype Classes


Skype Classes

Welcome to “Bellyskypes”, your interactive training experience with Ansuya!

– Add these fun classes to help you study with the streaming videos on!
– Get live feedback on your progress directly from Ansuya!
– Take your learning to the next level with her additional training programs available only by Bellyskype!

All you need is your computer or mobile device, built in camera or webcam, and high speed internet. You can even connect your device to your TV for a large screen view of Ansuya!

Ansuya’s is one of the most in-demand Bellydancers of modern times. Her knowledge is a popular resource for today’s Bellydancers! Here are some highlights from her lifetime of experience of which you can benefit:

– extensive training with the elite pioneering performers of Vintage American Cabaret Style Bellydance
– multiple exclusive headlining performer contracts at top Bellydance clubs in Los Angeles
– countless appearances at parties for corporations and celebrities
– numerous self-produced stage shows and director of renowned troupe
– varied TV and press appearances, both as a Bellydancer and as an actress
– several worldwide tours as a Bellydance Superstar
– many independent international tours
– years of behind the scenes experience running own innovative online businesses

You can book Bellyskypes to ask questions about the streaming video classes you are working with on, for Ansuya’s Bellydance Certification Programs, for private coaching on any Bellydance subject, for troupe coaching, for a Bellyskype Party, and/ or for a Bellyskype Workshop!

Read on to learn more!

Ansuya Bellydance Certifications by Bellyskype

These are some of the most comprehensive training programs in the Bellydance world! Whether your goal is to become a Bellydance performer or teacher (or both), we will share all of the most important tips and tricks of the trade with you!

Take a look at some of what you can learn in the Ansuya Bellydance *Performer* Certification:

– How to perform a Vintage American Style Bellydance Cabaret, including Fast Openings, Veil Dances, Slow Dances, Floor Work, Drum Solo, and Finger Cymbals
– Ways to fuse Egyptian, Tribal, Indian, African, Spanish, Gypsy, Hip Hop and Burlesque styles into your dance
– What props to dance with, including Cane, Candle, Sword, Fans, Fan Veils, and Wings
– Why Posture, Dance Line, Emotional Expression, Improvisation, Sensual Expression, Make Up, and Costuming make a huge difference to your show
– Who you are as the creator of your own personal signature moves and style

Take a look at some of what you can learn in the Ansuya Bellydance *Instructor* Certification:

– How to create and teach Bellydance techniques, along with fitness combos and choreography
– When to use positive reinforcement in public speaking, student communication, and press interviews
– What kinds of promotional material, advertising, networking, and social media can work for you
– Why a career path including teaching and performing in your local community, at national / international festivals and events, and online is in reach for you
– Who you are as an entrepreneur using cooperative business ethics in the Bellydance industry

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– Performer Certification: $1500 (includes 15 one hour classes)
– Teacher Certification: $1500 (includes 15 one hour classes)
– Email to set up your training schedule and find out how you can save 50% on these programs!
– Upon graduation, your certificates will be mailed to you and you will be invited to have your photo added to Ansuya’s website to help promote you!

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