Amethyst is from Pittsburgh, PA, where she directs ElectroBelly Dance Troupe and performs with hoop and break dancers. She loves Sacred Dance and connecting bellydance with spirituality. Her favorite thing about being a member of Ansuya.com is getting to study under her favorite instructor despite living so far away! Check out Amethyst’s website at pittsburghbellydance.com This photo was taken by Robin L. Houk.


“The key word for describing Ansuya’s Certification programs is INSPIRATIONAL. Ansuya provides great insight into the art of belly dance through a very well defined methodology. She will expose you to her deep knowledge of Cabaret belly dance and other styles with great detail, generosity, and humor. Her courses are fun, creative, challenging, and she will modify her instruction to your needs. I had so much fun working with Ansuya that I wish I could do it all over again!!”
Andrea – Palm Springs, California
Check out her website: http://hopemartinez96.wixsite.com/bellydancer
Ansuya Bellydance Performer Certification Graduate
Ansuya Bellydance Instructor Certification Graduate


Luna is from Japan and her favorite thing about taking Online Bellydance Classes at Ansuya.com is being reminded of what it means to be a woman, while passing on the dance to her daughter who practices with her!


“My journey through Ansuya’s certification program was such a magickal experience from beginning to end! Ansuya’s vast knowledge on a wide range of topics, her incredibly approachable teaching method, and her sincere, caring personality helped me immensely in developing my own personal dance style. She also inspired me to see not only my dance career, but my entire lifestyle through different eyes. This training has affected every aspect of my life in a positive way and has helped me to grow in ways that I never imagined. I would highly recommend Ansuya’s certification program to any dancer who is looking to take their belly dance artistry to the next level!” ~ Luna Ketta
Check out Luna Ketta’s website at lifewithasqueakytouch.weebly.com/luna-ketta.html


Mavi is a Gypsy at heart and her favorite thing about Ansuya.com is being able to have so much fun learning new styles of Bellydance without leaving her house!


“Having the opportunity to study with Ansuya has been such a gift and honor. Her knowledge and ability to convey concepts through her Bellyskype classes is truly impressive, it felt the same as being in a studio class environment but with more personalized attention. I have learned so much from her and truly have grown to adore her even more than I did many years ago when I first saw her dance. Thank you, Ansuya you are a beautiful goddess inside and out.”
Mel’Keta – Nashville, Tennessee / melketasraghba.com
Ansuya Bellydance Certification Graduate
Photo by Mike Eaves / Edited by Bill Levitt


“Ansuya Rathor is the greatest teacher I have ever had. My life at 55 is wonderful and Ansuya is one of the reasons why. I luxuriate in the bellydance lifestyle. It is an integral part of everything I do. I am not an Ansuya copycat. She has encouraged me to develop my own style. It is like I was in a cage and Ansuya unlocked the door and set me free. One of the greatest decisions of my entire life was to study with Ansuya. Her work ethic is unmatched. She goes far above and beyond to provide support to all of her students. I had a happy life before discovering bellydance and meeting Ansuya but now it is divine.” ~ m’Greet Zelle ~ Mata Hari School of Bellydance Saratoga Springs, New York
Email m’Greet at kmarcus@nycap.rr.com
Photograph by Photographic Images/Theresa Terrill


Montse is from Barcelona, Spain and feels the one thing that Bellydance gives her that she cannot live without is happiness. Her favorite thing about Ansuya.com is being able to take classes from thousands of miles away!


“I have recently completed both Ansuya’s Dancer Certification Program and Ansuya’s Teaching Certification Program and I must say that she has a way of reassuring and guiding a student to the “aha” moment that is both gentle and exciting! Over the time we spent together I was reassured of the knowledge I already had, which is a great feeling when you aspire to teach, and also came to the realization that learning can never really be finished. I look forward to spending many more hours studying with Ansuya and highly recommend her classes (both prerecorded at Online Bellydance Classes at Ansuya.com and live by Bellyskype) to all students of dance!”
– Nymeria bint Asya
Nashville, Tennessee
Photo by thedancerseye.com


“I always admired Ansuya’s dancing and when I learned she was doing online Skype lessons I couldn’t be happier! Ladies… this is a MUST. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned dancer, teacher, competitor… Ansuya has so much knowledge to share… not only about technique, props, combinations, etc, but about history and cultural context as well. She is an unbelievable supportive mentor, and never holds back any tip! She helped me improve my improvisational skills in ways no one did before. Don’t wait any longer!”

– Rosa Vasquez
facebook/RosaBellydancer and youtube/RosaBellydancer
Photograph by Denise Marino


Samira is a member of Ansuya.com. She lives in Indiana and her snake’s name is Athens. What she loves most about Ansuya.com is getting quality Bellydance instruction in the convenience of her own home.


Spiral is from Baltimore, Maryland and says her favorite thing about being a member of Online Bellydance Classes at Ansuya.com is being able to access her favorite classes from the archive and review them whenever she wants!


Sumaiya is from St. Louis, MO. What she loves most about Bellydance is being able to share the celebrations of so many people through her performances. Her favorite thing about Ansuya.com is that she can study Bellydance on her own time! Check out Sumaiya’s website at sumaiyadance.com


“I completed my Bellydance certification with Ansuya over Bellyskype and it was an amazing experience. Ansuya is one of the warmest people I have ever had the honor to meet. Her teaching is clear and patient as well as fun. Her encouragement has helped me increase my confidence and skill as a performer. Her video critiques are invaluable and I still use them to help me to focus on the strengths and improvements in my dances. Thank you so much Ansuya.”
– Zahira – Chilliwack, BC
Photograph by Brendan Lally Photography

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